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Facial Threading

Full Body Waxing Services

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Eyebrows $20

Lip $10

Chin $10

Side Burns $15

Underarms $25

Half Arms $30

Full Arms $45

Half Legs $40

Full Legs $70

Chest $50

Stomach $40

Back $75

Bikini $50

Brazilian $70

Ear $10

Nostrils $10

Removing hair off your body is nigher necessary nor the most pleasant treatment you can go for. However, if you like to keep your skin hairless and smooth, using wax is the easiest and the least invasive way of doing that.

In the beauty salon Tresses Day Spa in Glenwood, we can assure you about the quality of the products we use. And if you are still afraid of the moment of ripping the wax off of the skin, we can promise, our professional staff will do whatever is possible to finish it fast and feasibly painlessly.

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