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Beauty Essentials for New Year's Eve

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Here comes the end of yet another year. No matter if you look in 2019 with nostalgia or relief, on New Year's Eve, full of glitter, champagne toasts, and glam, you want to feel special. This year make yourself a resolution to take better care of yourself, and to be happier in your skin can be the first step of it. How to start a new decade full of confidence and self-love? Begin with small things, like a subtle change of style or makeup, give yourself a time to introduce a proper skincare routine, or keep your hands in immaculate condition. It all might sound superficial, but it's the time and effort you give yourself that counts.

Post-Christmas detox

It's not a secret that during Christmas we usually feast, celebrate and don't care about what and when we eat. And you must admit, Christmas food is not the healthiest one. The amount of salt can be noticeable in swollen, and not-so-bright skin. The simplest and essential thing you can do is drinking water. The reason for the puffy face is disturbed lymphatic flow. And the most effective way to get rid of the swollen face is massaging. You can perform simple massage at home, using your hands, and cold-pressed organic oils or go to the beauty salon, where a professional beautician will give you the best hour of relaxing ever. It's worth it! Just don't forget to drink water and herbal teas. Our personal favorite is green tea - which is full of antioxidants.

Nothing invasive

If you want to glam up for New Year's Eve celebration, give up on any invasive facials, and by that, we meant everything that irritates and causes the inflammation to the skin. Leave for later treatments like - manual cleaning, microneedling, acid peels, or even microdermabrasion. Instead focus on massages combined with nutritious masks, vitamin-rich, and moisturizing creams. Definitely recommended here are CBD-based facials, which will be a great alternative to other harsh treatments, and will bring you this glowy, and healthy look.

Put a shine on the nails

New Year's Eve celebration is also a great opportunity to get crazy about your mani-pedi design. Glitter, bright colors, rhinestones, crazy patterns - this is the perfect chance to get bold about the nails. Especially when in your everyday life, you have to keep it down, and on a more neutral side.

If you still looking for ideas, or need a last-moment appointment to beauty salon or hair salon, call Tresses Day Spa in Glenwood Springs, and let our professional team of stylists and beauticians take care of you.

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