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Best way of removing the hair

Wax hair removal

Getting rid of unwanted body hair became an essential part of our beauty routine. Is it the most engaging and pleasant activity? Definitely not! It just has to be done, and many of you probably know the fuss for no more than one day of smooth skin if your weapon of choice is a razor. That's why we want to give you some good reasons to convert into waxing, which is probably the most affordable and longest lasting of all mechanical hair removal. So give up the razors and find yourself a professional body waxer, who you can trust!

Longer lasting results

You are probably already familiar with the way waxing works. In short, it's a mechanical way of pulling out the hair, together with its root. If performed properly, it should take another 3-4 weeks for new hair to grow back. Compare it to shaving, when you have to repeat the process on the other day. Not to mention that horrible spiky hair which are not only itchy but also extremely unpleasant to touch.

On the negative side of waxing is pain. But girl - no pain, no gain - as somebody once said. On the bright side, the pain will decrease with every session, and your body will learn how to cope with it, so you'll tolerate it better. Newly grown hair will become noticeably thinner, and weaker, which will reduce the pain of the next treatment.

Whenever you'll decide to wax your body choose a professional salon with an experienced beautician. This way, you'll be not only certain about the quality of the procedure, but removal will be faster and more precises. And you won't even notice when it'll be over.

Extra exfoliation

Wax hair removal Aspen

We all know that feeling of smooth, soft skin, and we love it more than anything. Well, removing unwanted hair is only halfway to gain this silky-smooth effect. In this case equally important is exfoliation.

Our skin constantly produces new cells, replacing the old one, and sometimes it needs a bit of help to complete the cycle. While waxing, not only the hair is being peeled off, but all those dead skin cells will be picked up as well. What an unexpected profit!

Speaking of exfoliation, it's one of the most crucial beauty treatment, which brings you many benefits. If you'll fall into waxing - regular exfoliation will become your best friend, that prevent hair ingrow, and will give the wax a good grip on the hair. Our personal favorite - dry massage with the usage of the bamboo brush. We will expand the topic, and tell more about this technic in a separate post. So stay tuned!

Hot or cold?

There are two techniques of waxing your body - with the use of either hot or cold wax. Hot wax will spread more evenly on the skin, and hold onto individual hair while cooling down, and hardening. Therefore, often there is no need of putting the strap on. It gives more precision, and control over the hair, it is also recommended for short hair, so you won't have to wait until they grow longer. And you can imagine how annoying it is. However, because you work with a hot product - don't experiment at home, and go to the professional beautician.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have cold wax. It is a less messy way of removing unwanted hair. You can mold it with the warmth of your hand and then apply it. But due to the need of going through the same area multiple times, it can irritate the skin.

After all, it doesn't matter which of the techniques you'll choose. So if you are looking for affordable prices and competent staff, check out hair removal offers in Tresses Days SPA. Local business in Glenwood Springs Colorado and Down Valley.

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