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Best Xmas Gift Ideas

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

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Christmas time is upon us. Like every year, it comes unexpected, and if you have, once again, found yourself unprepared for this joyous holiday season - don't panic just yet - we are here to help. Well, at least in terms of Christmas gifts ideas, with everything else you have to deal on your own.

Gift preparing dilemma

How many times have you got this completely missed gift that you didn't know what to do with? Or felt too awkward to return? How many Christmas-motive socks and boxers, can be found in your drawers, waiting for these few days of the year, that it can be actually worn? Well... thank God for gift certificates! So this year think about beauty-gifts for your loved ones. Let the professional beautician take care of their hands, face, hair or body. Here are our beauty-gifts ideas, you should definitely consider.


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Why mani-pedi is so great for Christmas gift? We tend to forget about our hands during the Wintertime. Often hiding them in gloves, whereas during this cold time they really need some extra love. So let us put on them this super-nutritious mask, give you a relaxing massage, all you have to do is choose this crazy, bold color, and simply relax. If proper hand and nail care tend to be forgotten during Winter, the pedicure is often non-existent. We know, that nobody can see your toes when you keep them hidden deep in those warm boots. But we can guarantee, you'll feel the difference, knowing they look simply fabulous!

Winter face-refreshment

Another great last-moment-gift-idea is facial. Who doesn't like deeply moisturizing, relaxing mask, that makes your skin glow with vitality, and youth? Plumb your skin with hyaluronic acid, or soothe it with miraculous CBD cream. How about deeply rejuvenating, and relaxing facial? Make it double, and let your loved ones enjoy not only the procedure but quality time spent together.

New Year - New You

Facial spa glenwood springs beauty salon

Last but not least gift idea will be a hair-transformation. It doesn't matter if the change is minor, like simple haircut refreshment, or as drastic, as hair color change. Holidays are always a perfect time, and an excellent excuse to change something. So give your loved ones this little makeover, and watch them smile while collecting multiple compliments.

Tresses Gift Certificates

If you are still thinking about perfect gifts for your family and friends, check Tresses Day Spa offer, or simply call us. Check out our beauty offer, among which you'll find mani-pedi options, multiple facials, and hair treatments.

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