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5 steps to beautiful hands

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Our hands are our trademark, and that is one of the reasons why we should take the time to keep them healthy and neat. We tend to forget about all the external factors that can be extremely damaging to them, like rapid temperature changes, dry air, sun, skin damage, infections, etc. What is the right way to protect the hands? Below you will find 5 steps of hands and nails routine, which will help you keep them smooth and healthy.

Is it a MUST to take care of the hands?

We use our hands constantly that's why they are the first part of our body to get into immediate contact, for example, with detergents, dirt, dust, food products, and different temperatures. These everyday tasks and chores can significantly speed up the aging processes. Let's think for the moment about how specific the skin on our hands is. In opposite to the rest of our body, skin on hands almost entirely lacks the sebaceous gland or contains them only on the upper side of the hand. Unfortunately, this deprives the hands of an extra lipid coat and protection. Hand's skin is also extra thin, and dry-pron. Good care will also help us avoid the anesthetic view of veins which with time might appear.

Beautiful hands - groomed hands

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Well kept hands are not only a sign of the elegance but also of your individual style, and... discipline. Whimsical hand's skin requires heaps of attention. But the good news is that only these few steps will do just great.

Think about the washing

It is obvious that you cannot give up on washing your hands. However, you have got to pick the right soap. Choose possibly natural, gentle, and moisturizing hand soap that won't strip them off of its natural protection. Give up on harsh chemicals - you don't want to dry them further.

Hand cream for life!

That's one of these things, you want to keep in your bag constantly. Every time you get into contact with water, a cream application should follow. This will bring back additional protection. Choose your cream according to your personal needs. Great ingredients you should look for are - shea butter, glycerine, all kind of natural, cold-pressed oils, silk, hyaluronic acid. For colder weather lipid-enriched cream will be a perfect option. And obviously, pay attention to sun protection, SPF has to be a thing if you want to avoid melasma and sunspots.

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Gloves not only in Winter

The easiest and most efficient way of protecting the hands is by covering them with the gloves. Take a look at the Koreans or Japanese ladies who mastered hiding their skin from the sun, and often are seen wearing gloves, even during sunny days. Obviously, this would be less convenient in our culture. However, pay attention to this piece of clothing on the cold days, whenever you do chores at home, like cleaning with harsh chemicals. Don't forget the gloves to the gym - protect your skin from germs, fungus, and mechanical injury. Simple as that!

SPA at home

Nothing will work better to keep hand's skin in great shape, than SPA treatment. Reserve an hour in a week for yourself, turn on favorite music, movie, or simply go to a beauty salon in Glenwood.

How to prepare home SPA treatment? Start with the exfoliation. Mix up a spoon of sugar with the oil of your choice - olive, coconut, or any other. Then gently massage it onto your hands. This way of preparing the skin will allow better absorption of nutritious ingredients. Now it's a time for nails, so just do your routine - trimming, pushing the cuticles. While painting the nails don't forget about the base coat. And the last step is a generous layer of cream or mask. If you'd like, you can put cotton gloves on and go to bed like that.

Eat clean

Remember that the essential factor to keep your skin fresh, glowing, and healthy-looking is still a diet. Drink enough water, home-made, fresh juices. In midtime keep a balance between carbs, proteins, and fats.

Here you see how easy it is to keep good habits, that will most definitely, spare you troubles in the future. If you would like to treat yourself, come to beauty salon Tresses Day Spa in Gleenwood Springs, and let professionals take care of your hands.

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